KRAYENHOFF, Baron Cornelius Rudolphus Theo Dorus

   Cartographer. Initially Krayenhoff practiced as a physician in Amsterdam. As a friend of Herman Willem Daendels, he became one of the Patriots who realized the Batavian Revolution in 1795. The next year, he was appointed director of the fortifications of the province of Holland. His specialties were then engineering and cartography. In 1798, the government decided to produce a map of the Batavian Republic. Krayenhoff was com missioned with the execution of the necessary survey, and he applied a new variation on the method of triangulation. The new Topograph ical and Military Map of the Netherlands was printed in parts, and reprinted with corrections during the years 1809–1829. Meanwhile, Krayenhoff served King Louis Napoleon in 1809 as secretary of war and King William I from 1814 as inspector-general of fortifica tions. He published several books on surveying and the history of war.

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands. . 2012.

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